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in Yonkers found it still colder and more snow. Arrived home could hardly imagine that two days ago we were basking in sunshine. [[red underline]] No bad news, several cheerful letters of George [[/red underline]] who has been sent to [[red underline]] Italy. [[/red underline]] It is bitter cold.
Dec. 10. Very cold. A busy day taking up belated correspondence. Rossi 'phoned about [[red underline]] threatening Cresol situation [[/red underline]]. Material at hand scarcely enough [[red underline]] for one month's [[/red underline]] supply. He came here this afternoon, remained for supper, gave me his report and conclusions. Was glad to see that [[red underline]] he had acted very well [[/red underline]] and entirely agree with his conclusions to place order for [[red underline]] 2,000,000 [[/red underline]] lbs in England and [[red underline]] refuse it [[/red underline]] here instead of paying absurd prices to Barrett. He reports that progress has been made in new molding mixture. Very satisfactory
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interview. [[red underline]] Rossi is undoubdetly an excellent man and keenly interested in his work. [[/red underline]]
Dec 11. More dictation thru belated mail. Afternoon young [[red underline]] Paul de Vecchi [[/red underline]] came here to ask for address and [[red underline]] introductions to Washington to enter Aviation service [[/red underline]] 
Motored to New York with him 
I went to [[red underline]] Century Club [[/red underline]] for supper. Have [[red underline]] just been accepted [[strikethrough]] fo [[/strikethrough]] as member there. Rather like the general impression. Club is undoubtedly nearer spirit of Cosmos Club and not so frigid and snobish as University Club. [[/red underline]] 
[[symbol and annotation in left margin]] # 2 hs.
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[[symbol in left margin showing a circle topped by a cross with annotation]] 2 hs. [[/symbol and annotation]]
Afterwards went to [[red underline]] Hookers [[/red underline]] apartment Corner 72ͩ and Fifth ave. 
Met 8.P.M and remained till past 11½ P.M. Explained to him my proposal that [[red underline]] Royal Baking Co [[/red underline]] should make arrangements with Hooker Co to exploit oxalic and tartaric