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processes. He [[red underline]] seems disposed [[/red underline]] to look further into the matter Also told me the [[red underline]] Hooker [[/red underline]] present problems and their present problem of furnishing about [[red underline]] 10 tons (!!) of chloropicrin [[/red underline]] daily for gas warfare.
Stayed overnight at University Club
Dec 12. This is the deferred Director's meeting of [[red underline]] Gen. Bakelite Co [[/red underline]] Everybody present. Sales are [[red underline]] $155,000 this month or over 300,000 lbs. [[/red underline]] the largest month we ever had.
Spent about 2 hours with May examining [[red underline]] Westinghouse [[/red underline]] contract a complicated and tedious job. [[red underline]] But I feel so much rested by my recent vacation that again I take much interest [[/red underline]] in these matters.
At [[strikethrough]] 3 P.M [[/strikethrough]] 2:30 P.M went
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to office of [[red underline]] Royal Baking Powder [[/red underline]] Co. Reported to Porter result of my interview with [[red underline]] Hooker, [[/red underline]] then had joint meeting with MacGregor of DuPont Co and Geary and Porter explaining to MacGegor situation of our work in Brooklyn and intentions of [[red underline]] Royal Baking Powder [[/red underline]] Co. 
[[symbol in left margin showing a circle topped by a cross with annotation]] 2 hs. [[/symbol and annotation]]
[[red underline]] MacGregor [[/red underline]] seems interested in project and Porter tells me I made very satisfactory description of situation. Went to [[red underline]] Century [[/red underline]] Club for supper. Met Dr. Putnam [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] Chief of Congressal Library and [[strikethrough]] Tow [[/strikethrough]] Dr. Townsend the [[strikethrough]] b [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] naturalist [[/red underline]] 
Home with 9:30P.M train. Cold and snowy weather. Difficulty getting home in taxicab on account of weather.
Dec 13. Home all day. Evening [[red underline]] Nina [[/red underline]] came here for supper also Capt. [[red underline]] William Bennett [[/red underline]] who was at Plattsburgh now at camp