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[[notation in left margin]] charges travel & back [[/left margin]]
at [[red underline]] her ports 8000 tons per [[/red underline]] day and [[strikethrough]] then [[/strikethrough]] her railroads for the moment can [[red underline]] only transport [[/red underline]] from there [[red underline]] 3000 [[/red underline]] tons per day and this just now is the [[red underline]] small neck [[/red underline]] of the bottle which limits the flow.
Evening left for [[red underline]] Miami. [[/red underline]]
March 3 (Sunday) Weather is getting warmer. Peach blossoms here and there also some flowering plum trees in forest. First sight of green water pleasant impression A rather [[red underline]] much filled train but train is about on time [[/red underline]]
March 4. Arrive at [[red underline]] Miami [[/red underline]] at about 7AM. At [[red underline]] Pilkington's [[/red underline]] Yacht Yard found [[red underline]] Cygnet [[/red underline]] well painted and varnished; looks [[strikethrough]] bal [[/strikethrough]] well. [[red underline]] Albert [[/red underline]] hard at work [[strikethrough]] with [[/strikethrough]] and black with grease. Find [[red underline]] my trunk has been opened on railroad [[/red underline]]
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[[red underline]] and a few bottles of wine [[/red underline]] removed. 
May 5 Went to anchor at mouth of Miami River behind Royal Palm Hotel to take in supplies and gasoline
Bought $37.00 of groceries and remained [[strikethrough]] there [[/strikethrough]] at anchor over night
March 6 Went back up Miami River and anchored near [[red underline]] Pilkington; [[/red underline]] near shore. It is very warm 80◦F to 84◦F but good breeze Albert [[strikethrough]] takin [[/strikethrough]] inspecting bearings and cleaning crank case. He and everything black and messy. A full day's work.
[[strikethrough]] Evening [[/strikethrough]] Night heard growl of [[red underline]] alligator [[/red underline]] nearby. sounds somewhat like [[strikethrough]] cro [[/strikethrough]] croaking of [[red underline]] frogs but louder and only at intervals [[/red underline]] Quite some mosquitoes but their sting is not so bad as in the North. Might
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