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[[red underline]] guard asking me what [[/red underline]] my business was. Told him was President of the Company.
Then he [[red underline]] explained [[/red underline]] that by orders from Washington [[red underline]] nobody was allowed in or out our factory without a permit [[/red underline]] card, the voucher of which had to be left when leaving.
[[red underline]] Rossi [[/red underline]] tells me the Navy considers our help so important that so as to avoid plotters [[/red underline]] or enemies might try to [[strikethrough]] destoy [[/strikethrough]] destroy our plant and thus impede progress of war devices [[red underline]] dependent upon Bakelite, [[/red underline]] these special measures have been prescribed by the Government and that night and day policemen are now positioned at entrance of our plant. Furthermore [[underlined]] all [[/underlined]] employees inclusive Rossi bear a metal badge
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with number and name of the company for easy identification. I feel [[red underline]] rather proud [[/red underline]] that my inventions [[red underline]] are considered of such importance in the pursuit of our program [[/red underline]] for [[strikethrough]] the stopping [[/strikethrough]] this war of liberation.
[[red underline]] Rossi [[/red underline]] tells me [[red underline]] recovery plant [[/red underline]] is now in operation and yields enough [[red underline]] recovered formaldehyde [[/red underline]] under the form [[red underline]] of hexa [[/red underline]] to supply us with all we want for our molding mixtures from what we recover from our varnish manufacture.
A dark cloud in the news from [[red underline]] Rossi [[/red underline]] that [[strikethrough]] Washington [[/strikethrough]] conversation with some of the [[red underline]] Westinghouse [[/red underline]] employees seems to indicate desire or preparations of [[red underline]] Westinghouse Co. to make their own varnish and to infringe my patents on composite [[/red underline]] cardboard. While returning via
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