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Giant trail went over to the Bowl. Very hot climb Perspired until entirely wet  Feel as if I were melting. Came down same way which was somewhat cooler then went by side trail to top of [[red underline]] Roaring Brook Falls [[/red underline]] Beautiful view. A little canoe tent was erected near by with implements inside but occupants had gone.  Excellent place for camping [[red underline]] except for opportunity of being disturbed during day time by visitors to the Falls. [[/red underline]] Followed Artist's Brook a very pretty and rather easy walk.  Trail well blazed. Cool and variety. Arrived back at Club about 1 P.M. Have lost my pedometer this morning during the climb but [[red underline]] should esti-
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mate tramped at least 12 miles. Celine [[/red underline]] arrived yesterday she will join Tuesday morning early at Westport.
Afternoon went out for another walk.
Aug 26 Left Ausable Club about 11 A.M. At Keene Valley stopped in a small store to buy woolen socks.  Man there told me he knew all about Lake George and Keene Valley.  Is a man about 65. Then started to tell about [[red underline]] graphite [[/red underline]] at Schroon Lake etc: and told me he had read [[strikethrough]] Osborn's [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] Osborn's book on "Origin of Life" [[/red underline]] and had a stone with [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] a fossil fish in it. [[/red underline]] etc. etc. Then after I told him my name (his name was McFadden or something to that effect) I remarked he would