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direct usefulness of his present work but told him at the same time that I could not advise him to do otherwise than he intended in as far as under the same conditions. [[red underline]] I should probably do the same if I were his age. [[/red underline]]
Sept. 15 1918 (Sunday) [[red underline]] Capart [[/red underline]] here for dinner. He has been [[red underline]] engaged to accompany Stephanic with his Czekoslavs to Siberia [[/red underline]] and to act as war correspondent. He says he and Drouillard will work together the latter translating his articles. [[red underline]] I do not know what to make of the man. He seems to be possessed by a childish vanity. [[/red underline]]
Sept. 16 [[red underline]] Austria makes a peace proposal thru her prince minister Burian undoubtedly [[/red underline]] 
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[[red underline]] inspired by Germany. The wording is so perfidious [[/red underline]] and [[red underline]] tricky [[/red underline]] that nobody believes in it. [[red underline]] Wilson [[/red underline]] made a [[red underline]] prompt and short answer [[/red underline]] commended by everybody referring to the clear terms contained in his former statement.
Went to meet [[red underline]] Hamman and Schleussner [[/red underline]] to discuss extra compensation as a [[red underline]] bonus [[/red underline]] for our employees. 
Afternoon met [[red underline]] Lieutenant Henri de Man and took him for supper at University Club. [[/red underline]] He was very candid and said that he realized that [[red underline]] unwittingly he had committed a blunder at the Lake Placid Club [[/red underline]] but this was due to a misunderstanding [[red underline]] as to the character of his audience. [[/red underline]] From what he told me and after seeing typewritten copy of his lecture I have no doubt as to his
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