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[[red underline]] can take any boat [[\red underline]] thru so I offer him [[red underline]] fifteen Dollars [[\red underline]] to drop his work on which he is so industriously occupied. Towed his sloop and dinghy thru [[red underline]] Spanish Channel [[\red underline]] a gale blowing there by dodging shoals, brought it back in shelter of [[red underline]] "No Name Key" [[\red underline]] where there is a [[red underline]] settlement [[\red underline]] on the Southern shore, of [[red underline]] two or three fishermen's [[\red underline]] and spongers, some [[red underline]] Coconut trees, [[\red underline]] a dock and good anchorage well protected. He there anchored his boat [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] with all his [[red underline]] sponges [[\red underline]] and set out with us. At first I knew the channel as[[red underline]] Spanish Channel [[\red underline]] course as I laid it out but when he reached

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Big Spanish Key he [[red underline]] suddenly [[\red underline]] entered into [[red underline]] a maze of the most complicated course [[\red underline]] between a multitude of keys, most of them without any name on the chart. I tried in vain to follow the course but could not, he steered himself, rounding the boat thru its [[red underline]] snakelike progress. [[\red underline]] At first had a heavy rain squall which obscured our sight then wind kept blowing and blowing E by S, but all these keys and the shallow water broke up its force. [[strikethrough]] so that we [[/strikethrough]] The water was milky ^[[white]] on account of the stir [[strikethrough]] t [[/strikethrough]] made by the waves. This makes finding the [[strikethrough]] channel [[/strikethrough]] crooked channel [[red underline]] still more difficult [[\red underline]] but my "savage" unerringly picks
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