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[[margin written vertically in red pencil]] Santiago-Chile [[margin written vertically in red pencil]]
[[red underline]] capped Andes [[/red underline]] and over the town. After supper went to see a [[red underline]] moving picture[[/red underline]] representation. Like almost all of them [[red underline]] the film [[/red underline]] is [[red underline]] made in the U.S. [[/red underline]] and subject represents [[red underline]] Wild West story, [[/red underline]] cowboys, etc. Seems to be very popular here as in other parts of So. America
Feb 24. Visited [[red underline]] Museo de bellas Artes. [[/red underline]] A good building but rather [[red underline]] small collection [[/red underline]] of paintings and stationary Then walked along the Parque Forestal along the swift flowing river of white water, which runs in a straight cemented wide ditch. Water whitened and comes from the mountains and is used for irrigation 
purposes. [[red underline]] Irrigation [[/red underline]] ditches everywhere in  park, so that every tree is benefitted 
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Drove to [[red underline]] Restaurant Santiago. [[/red underline]] People here all seem serious though cheerful [[red underline]] good physique [[/red underline]], and [[red underline]] strong
and muscular, [[red underline]] women as [[/red underline]] well as men. [[/red underline]] I notice that althro' there are no end of places where cigars and cigarettes are sold [[red underline]] few people smoke in public. I have not seen a simple pipe smoker Women of the people smoke while at work. [[/red underline]] The people all seem much more [[red underline]] moderate [[/red underline]] in [[red underline]] their drinking habits then in the U.S. Light beer [[/red underline]] and light wine of the country
seem [[red underline]] the favorite drinks and [[/red underline]] are
[[red underline]] not expensive [[/red underline]]
Two young american boys about 17 years old seem to enjoy the novelty of a lunch
in the place. They have two glasses of water before them.
Next is a good looking young
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