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[[vertical annotation in red in left margin]] Rio Janeiro [[/left margin]]
than Santiago or Montevideo.
No mosquitoes, few if any flies. Raw meat hung up in the store seems clean and [[red underline]] butcher stores are clean. [[/red underline]] Many things imported from Portugal - specially fish. Mostly dried fish. - fresh fish seems scarce. Here as in Sn Paolo and Montevideo [[red underline]] dried octopus seems favorite [[/red underline]] dish and is displayed everywhere. Food in restaurants specially steak is inexpensive. [[red underline]] Palmeto [[/red underline]], heart of palm [[strikethrough]] tries [[/strikethrough]] tree excellent and cheap, [[red underline]] oysters small and irregular [[/red underline]] and black similar to those
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of Habana
[[red underline]] Churches, clean and well cared for, [[/red underline]] clean cement floor, much better than [[strikethrough]] churches [[/strikethrough]] catholic churches in Europe. Saw a confession booth in which a [[red underline]] dark skinned mulatto priest was taking confession of a white lady [[/red underline]] in mourning, kneeling outside in ^[[attitude of]] utmost devotion A white young man on the opposite side of the booth had just finished and got the "absolution Went back after lunch. Goodall escorted me along rack railroad of the [[red underline]] Corcovado [[/red underline]]. the road up the steep sides of the hill leads thru an abundance of vegetation trees, shrubs and flowers A most magnificent
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