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very pleasant evening [[red underline]] Crawford's [[/red underline]] house is reached by a little car with seats for 4 persons, pulled up the hill by means of a cable on a little inclined railroad the whole thing [[red underline]] seems rather [[/red underline]] simple and is [[red underline]] automatic. [[/red underline]] Feels like sitting in a perambulator. Speaking about perambulators [[red underline]] I saw a man yesterday carrying a perambulator on his head, [[/red underline]] I had seen them carry their various packages a folded umbrella [[red underline]] a coffin [[/red underline]] but a perambulator balanced neatly on the head [[red underline]] seems the limit! [[/red underline]]
April 14. Weather is decidedly cooler at night and very pleasant all thru the day. Am told [[red underline]] this is the kind of weather they have for about 6 months. [[/red underline]] with an occasional drop of the tempera-
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[[left margin in red]] Rio Janiero [[/left margin]] 
ture [[red underline]] to 60˚F. [[/red underline]] Went to visit [[red underline]] Polytechnic school [[/red underline]] A rather small institution. The professor of [[red underline]] applied chemistry is Dr. Henninger [[/red underline]] undoubtedly a German or a Swiss. was formerly [[repetiteur?]] in Louvain under [[red underline]] Louis Henry [[/red underline]] Tells me he has [[red underline]] only 4 students in [[/red underline]] chemistry. The Brazilian [[red underline]] Patent Law [[/red underline]] is copied on [[red underline]] the French system [[/red underline]] but forbids also the importation of articles patented in Brazil. A Swiss, Naegeli has patented some well known processes for coal tar dyes. [[red underline]] simply copying the text [[/red underline]] from previously published patents and then has stopped simply the importation of these dyes. [[red underline]] exacting "royalty" [[/red underline]] from the importers. Bayer and Co before the war had started a suit for nullification of these patents on the ground of lack of novelty [[red underline]] but their action had been [[/red underline]] [[in red]] Brazilian [[red underline]] Patent [[/red underline]] law [[/in red]]
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