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denied on the ground that [[red underline]] only the consumers and not fellow manufacturers could [[/red underline]] complain.  In the meantime another Brazilian has patented the intermediates from which the patented dyes are made [[red underline]] and is holding up Näegeli! [[/red underline]]
April 15. Went out early for a walk up the mountain.  Got in the wrong trail above the water reservoir, and got lost in the woods for awhile.  Cut myself a walking stick from a coffee tree. came out finally by following a little stream at the old reservoir.  Crossed the street took pavement down along beautiful villas surrounded with handsome palms and other vegetation passed a smaller reservoir, finally trolley car which
[[vertical annotation in red in left margin]] Rio Janeiro [[/left margin]]]
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brought me to Avenida Hotel whence I ascended to [[red underline]] Internacional Hotel. [[/red underline]] Rather tired and rested for remainder of afternoon.
April 16. A [[red underline]] cablegram from Celine [[/red underline]] dated April 13 saying "all well [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] hope pleasant trip lovingly" which made me feel happy.
Went to Nictheroy to the Instituto of Dr. [[red underline]] Vital Brazil. [[/red underline]] A modest building surrounded by a garden and situated corner of Rua Maris e Barros and Gavas [[strikethrough]] Pex [[/strikethrough]] Peixato.  Since his rupture with the Instituto Butantare in San Paolo where he was until recently, he has started here a similar institute on a smaller scale where he prepares [[red underline]] antitoxin for snake bites. [[/red underline]] He is a man about 45-50, [[red underline]] modest and quiet, [[/red underline]] and pleasant personality.  Spoke french with me. I suppose ho-
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