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[[vertical annotation in left margin written in red]] Equator SS Callao [[/vertical annotation]]
of the population in Rio de Janeiro have at one time or another [[red underline]] had [[strikethrough]] sip [[/strikethrough]] syphilis. [[/red underline]] He says that if it were so the effects on the general health would be [[strikethrough]] more [[/strikethrough]] more visible. Says statement of [[red underline]] Crowell much exaggerated. [[/red underline]]
We are about 2° South of the Equator and the weather is growing much warmer and sultrier. The temperature in my cabin is [[red underline]] 90°F [[/red underline]] altho' it it well ventilated. We have the wind with us and as it travels about as fast as the ship [[strikethrough]] there is no breeze [[/strikethrough]] the air is practically stagnant. 
[[red underline]] Collars wither [[/red underline]] and some passengers breaking with South-American conventions take [[red underline]] off collar and coat [[/red underline]] I am told by [[red underline]] Phillipi [[/red underline]] that part of the refrige-
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[[red underline]] rating plant is out [[/red underline]] of order and that henceforth no further ice can be supplied. The few [[red underline]] blocks of ice [[/red underline]] which are remaining are for the stokers [[red underline]] who threaten to refuse to work [[/red underline]] if they get no ice. The [[red underline]] laundry machinery too broke down again [[/red underline]] 
[[strikethrough]] The drinking water which has [[/strikethrough]] after hurried repair parts had been made in Rio.
The [[red underline]] drinking water [[/red underline]] [[strikethrough]] which [[/strikethrough]] is [[red underline]] whitish [[/red underline]] and has a decided [[strikethrough]] tast [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] oily taste. [[/red underline]] [[strikethrough]] A few [[/strikethrough]] Two days ago when the water supply tank was filled, the bottom deposit was stirred up and for several hours the [[red underline]] water out [[/red underline]] of the faucets [[red underline]] was thick brownish [[/red underline]] then settled again and now a slight whitish colloid gives it a slightly [[red underline]] milkish appearance [[/red underline]] which frightens the passengers. One a English Urugayan who travels with his two
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