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month so [[?]] [[?]] Spent all day with [[red underline]] Rossi [[/red underline]] and the [[red underline]] research men. [[/red underline]] Glad to be back on board to get some rest.
July 20. Went to factory about 10.A.M Afternoon [[red underline]] Bogart and Dustin [[/red underline]] of University of Brussels called at office, showed them rapidly our factory without going into details then took them to [[red underline]] Ion [[/red underline]] for short visit. To bed early as preceding days after spending last hours before sunset in taking bearing of the sun to correct my compass.
July 21. Stayed aboard all day and worked with Lewis from early morning till past 6P.M. installing [[red underline]] lubricatory oil supply [[/red underline]] and other improvements. A strenuous day of bodily exercise. followed by calm evening to bed
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before [[?]] calling [[?]]
July 22. The new oil supply works well. Went ashore to meet [[red underline]] Herbert Philly + [[/red underline]] with Rossi. [[left margin]] x who has left R&H employ. [[/left margin]] Told him I foresee considerable trouble and recriminations and wrong interpretations on the part of R&H or P.A chemical Co in case we set him to do research work on [[red underline]] formaldehyde [[/red underline]] but if he has any other line which looks promising we are willing to "grubstake" him and work on a percentage of results [[strikethrough]] Told to [[/strikethrough]] I told to Rossi that I intend to put Gothelf to try [[red underline]] electrolyte reduction of formic acid [[/red underline]] also by means of sodium amalgam went back aboard. It is very hot and sultry. Rain squalls an repeated showers After supper an unusually ^[[heavy]] downpour
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