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Oct 2.
Bright cool morning.  Westerly breeze, everything getting dry.  
[[in margin]] See Oct 1. below [[\in margin]]

[[red underline]] About noon we left [[\red underline]] for [[red underline]] ocean [[\red underline]] by [[red underline]] Sandy Hook. [[\red underline]]
Fresh breeze aft.  [[red underline]] George Roll [[\red underline]] seems entirely recovered from his seasickness and seems to enjoy the trip.  Went near light-ship then back against stiff breeze.  Dropped anchor before Raritan Yacht Club about 5P.M.  Beautiful sunset.  Felt rather tired went to bed at 8.

[[in margin]] I O N [[\in margin]]

Oct 1. (Omitted).
Clear bright weather.  Went to factory.
[[red underline]] George Roll [[\red underline]] joined me about 10P.M.  He had been to Yonkers to sleep.  Rossi drove us to [[red underline]] Dane Mfg [[\red underline]] Co where met Fuller Swan and Burroughs
Still working [[red underline]] on bond orders on which [[\red underline]] they have money and few or no

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[[red underline]] new orders on hand.  I begin to realize more and more that May, Rossi and Swan in recommending purchase of Dane Mfg Co. showed very poor judgement and superficial acquaintance with [[\red underline]] situation. 
[[in margin two red exclamation marks]]
This will be a [[red underline]] lesson for the future if [[\red underline]] they recommend anything new not to take matters too much for granted.  I also find that [[red underline]] new boiler is not necessary altho' May [[\red underline]] and Burroughs recommended new boiler.  Took a few sandwiches at plant then went to factory of Burroughs, there met [[red underline]] Dr. Neville Monroe Hopkins [[\red underline]] in quest of information about Bakelite [[red underline]] for Union Carbide Co, [[\red underline]] also Gordon who was there on business.  
Drove back about 4P.M

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