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failed on account of diligence and care. That they blamed the equipment as being unsuitable. That it is true that some modifications to the plant were necessary but that this was a small matter and that Durkee had pronounced that an expenditure of [[strikethrough]] 3 [[/strikethrough]] about $3000 would remedy this
This morning I had an interview with Charles M. Wales copatentee with Baskerville for his lead coated metal process (C.N. Wales, 11 Broadway Bowling Green 8667) He says ^[[P.T.]] Dodge of Mergenthaler Linotype Co. has put up $8000 for making a company but that the company has been dropped [[strikethrough]] temporar [[/strikethrough]] for lack of payment of taxes, and that Dodge
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seems to have lost all interest in the process. That Gustave Thompson of the National Lead Co. has made some experiments thru a certain Mr. Velder and can give further information. I find however that Thompson is [[striekthrough]] We [[/strikethrough]] gone West and will not be back before next week.
Burgess of Madison Wisconsin told me at Chemists Club that the Mark Manufacturing Co in Chicago are interested in Lead-coating and have done much work in that line
[[strikethrough]] Feb. 8. [[/strikethrough]] 
^[[Feb 8.]] Evening went to Columbia to hear Dean Woodbridge lecture in "Research" before Sigma Xi.
[[strikethrough]] Feb 8 [[/strikethrough]]
Notified McDavitt of my conversation with Brown.
Feb. 9. Went to see Hamman
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