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[[left margin in red]] Paris [[/left margin]]
[[red underline]] seventy Dollars for a plain ordinary light [[/red underline]] woolen summer lounge suit.- [[red underline]] Which I did not buy. [[/red underline]] - Plenty of room for spending money in clothes and everything for all those who put up pretentions or snobism!
The [[red underline]] moving picture shows are cramped, ill ventilated and the technical outfit of many is years behind the times. [[/red underline]] Jumping [[strikethrough]] fr [[/strikethrough]] flikkering pictures frequently occur. [[red underline]] Unpleasant smell [[/red underline]] [[underline]] absolute [[/underline]] [[red underline]] lack of ventilation [[/red underline]] Same for theatres. Smell of [[strikethrough]] unwa [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] ill washed crowd sometimes quite trying. [[/red underline]] Theatres badly kept, [[red underline]] dangerous in case of fire.- [[/red underline]] Not enough space to get in an out and [[red underline]] outlet to the streets [[/red underline]]
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[[left margin in red]] Paris - La Bakelite [[/left margin]]
too narrow. [[red underline]] No center aisle. [[/red underline]] Takes a long time for the [[red underline]] jostling crowd to get out. Frenchmen ill-mannered when they stand in line, and jump the place of others.- [[/red underline]] Little chance of this ^[[jamming]] jostling crowd of behaving at its best in a fire.- [[red underline]] None [[/red underline]] of the theatres I have seen thus far [[red underline]] would be tolerated by the fire department of any self-respecting town [[/red underline]] in the U.S.
Jan 23. [[red underline]] Went to give back [[/red underline]] 1000 francs which the foreign exchange clerk at the bank had given too much 
Then went up [[red underline]] five flights [[/red underline]] to office of [[strikethrough]] Gener [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] La Bakelite. [[/red underline]] Found there [[red underline]] André Génot [[/red underline]]
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