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[[left margin in red]] Pyramids [[/left margin]]
and women, [[red underline]] collect camel and cows excrements with one hand [[/red underline]] and slap it on a basket they carry on their head. Do it skilfully without even touching basket with their other hand. Dried camel or horse manure flat round pieces [[red underline]] carefully collected as fuel. [[/red underline]]
Notice newly planted Eucalyptus.  Spineless cactus seems no new thing here. 
Lunch at [[red underline]] Mena Hotel. [[/red underline]] Well kept [[strikethrough]] clean [[/strikethrough]] [[red underline]] scrupulously clean [[/red underline]] hotel A I. Lunch about $2.00 excellent place for people who want to avoid noise of Cairo. Whole hotel Arab style and arab ornamentations. - Moorish.  All attendents [[red underline]] Sudanese [[/red underline]]
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[[left margin in red]] Old Cairo [[/left margin]]
[[red underline]] who seem to be quite intelligent. [[/red underline]] 
Then drove old Cairo. - Very old Cairo. Squalid and [[strikethrough]] unclea [[/strikethrough]] dirty and intensely old. People living huddled as animals. [[red underline]] Enormous difference with modern Europanized part. [[/red underline]]
Amir's Mosque. Two pillars set very close and legend is that only a true believer can pass them. 
Then visited Coptic chapel near by old gate was shown thru which the Romans succeeded entering Cairo.  [[red underline]] Dirt, dirt, squalor, fanaticism and bakseesh! [[/red underline]] Many blind people, half blind, beggars, cripples etc. My dragoman tells me [[red underline]] a mussiliman can have as [[/red underline]]
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