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[[left margin in red]] Fez [[/left margin in red]]
[[preprinted]] 1 [[/preprinted]]
[[in red]] [[underline]] Fez [[/underline]] Morocco [[/in red]]
1923, April 13 
continuation of previous Journal
April 13. [[strikethrough]] Car [[/strikethrough]][[red underline]] Fez, Morocco. [[/red underline]]
Cold, chilly, cloudy. I see from my window the snowcapped [[red underline]] Atlas Mountain range [[/red underline]] in the distance.
Went out with [[red underline]] Mimram [[/red underline]] to do some shopping in the Souks of Fez; but the loitering crowd of Arabs, young and old and sundry [[red underline]] beggars [[/red underline]] gathered around obstructing the narrow alleys.  Furthermore the tricky trading Arabs tried my nerves to such an extent with their slow bargaining methods that I left disgusted and went for lunch at the [[red underline]] Transatlantique Hotel. [[/red underline]] Afterwards I returned bought some leather goods some carpets and after paying left 200 francs with [[red underline]] Mimram [[/red underline]] to pack and ship them to

Transcription Notes:
Mimram - how name of guide appears in previous journal, describing the same trip.

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