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Went to [[underline]] dentist. [[\underline]]  Two beginning holes in my molars.  Drilled and cemented then to office
Afternoon went to Maximilian [[?Toel]] and deposited with [[?Toel]] [[?Boolters]] a letter to be given to me on my return [[underline]] or demand [[\underline]] or to [[underline]] Celine in case of my death or to George Baekeland [[\underline]] in case I and Celine die:  He showed the sealed letter to Mr. [[?Ba]], and it was deposited in the safe of [[underline]] [[?Toel]] Brothers. [[\underline]]
Violent snowstorm Northerly gale
Jan 30.  Another very busy day
Eveng went for supper at University Club.  [[underline]] Bridges, Peet, Pupin, Holden, Parsons & Hutchinson there [[\underline]]
Jan 31.  Very busy morning.  Then for lunch with [[underline]] George [[\underline]] to Century to meet Prof. Crampton there.  Then home and 

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finishing work of packing etc.  Filled two stone-jubs of [[underline]] wine for Bridges. [[\underline]]
Feb. 1.  Snowy but mild
Drove to Station Harmon after lunch, to go to Chicago
George Baekeland Rossi and Redman all on 20th Century limited.
Am leaving with following baggage.
1 large leather dress suitcase (stiff)
1 leather English handbag (flexible)
1 Square leather hatbox
I have an empty overall
This is the end of this book
Next book contains diary of my journey to the Far East etc.

[[left margin]] Trip to Far East [[\left margin]]
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