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The bamboo-stayed lug-sails are kept close to the mast either by strips of bamboo spreading out from the bamboo stays
[[image: diagram of bamboo stay with annotations: "mast", "bamboo stay", and "strip of bamboo"]]
[[underline]] Sometimes a rope is used instead of the strip of bamboo. [[/underline]]
On some other sails I saw an ingenious form of mast-hoop made by weaving a few strips of bamboo into a grommet [[underline]] Bamboo strips [[/underline]] ought to make better mast hoops [[underline]] than ash or oak. [[/underline]]
I tried to locate the [[underline]] Yacht Club. [[/underline]] Saw several Yachts moored on other side of the River and a few along the Park.  Nobody seemed
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to know where [[underline]] Yacht Club [[/underline]] is. In fact very few people could understand anything but Chinese or Pigeon English which is very difficult to speak. At hotel was accosted by a man who gave his card as [[underline]] Charles Goudstikker [[/underline]] and is a correspondent of "Le Journal" of Paris.  He said he came from Indo-china, Cambodye, Java and Sumatra. [[strikethrough]] Spoke [[/strikethrough]] Claimed to be a Belgian and spoke dutch. I suppose he was a dutch-Belgian-Frenchman and knew everything and everybody;- at least claimed so, and spoke no English. A rather [[underline]] bumptious, babbling illbred person, [[/underline]] kicking about everything. Claimed to be [[underline]] special correspondent [[/underline]] sent out to China to report on the way but seemed to have found
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