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of life belonging to deceased are burnt. with the understanding [[underline]] that deceased has them thus in daily use. [[/underline]] All this [[underline]] intensely stupid [[/underline]] and [[underline]] sordid. - So are most religions. [[/underline]] Their religion [[strikethrough]] seems to [[/strikethrough]] and their temples seem to [[strikethrough]] go [[/strikethrough]] have become more neglected since the Manchu Dynasty was driven out of power.
[[underline]] Dr. Sun Yat Sun [[/underline]] died yesterday after lingering illness. Most Americans and Europeans have [[underline]] little good to say about him, [[/underline]] nor do the papers;  he seems to have a [[underline]] crafty wilful [[/underline]] man fanatically bent to sacrifice [[striketrhough]] facts [[/strikethrough]] practical commonsense and ignore facts [[underline]] to foster his favorite social theories. [[/underline]]  Inviting Bolsheviks and everything to help him
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accomplish his own ends, and while talking of the will of China, merely thinking of [[underline]] his own will; [[/underline]] his own opinions. - Merely an impractical fanatic who [[underline]] rose to importance [[/underline]] because he was one of the earliest factors to [[underline]] overthrow the Manchu Dynasty and substitute and awkward Republic [[/underline]] [[strikethrough]] who [[/strikethrough]] merely a label to [[underline]] appeal to the younger element [[/underline]] and students Saw an ugly multistory Pagoda all very tawdry
[[underline]] Fearful dirty habits of Chinese. [[/underline]]  Continuous [[underline]] loud expectoration [[/underline]] and [[underline]] spitting everywhere. [[/underline]]  The [[underline]] first noise [[/underline]] with which [[underline]] the day starts [[/underline]] and the [[underline]] last noises while falling asleep. [[/underline]] A general impression of childish materialises, fondness for new articles. [[underline]] Thermos bottle very popular [[/underline]]
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