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surrounded with pretty gardens.
This is a hotel on the seaside with lawn and bathing where we rested. See,s mainly patronized by [[underlined]] Eurasians [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] Chinese [[/underlined]] and no end of children. [[underlined]] Seawater [[/underlined]] seems [[underlined]] muddy. 
April 17. [[/underlined]] Climate here seems better than Bangkok or Indo China altho [[underlined]] nearer Equator. [[/underlined]] Temperature in my room varies from 80 [[degree and farenheit symbol]] in morning to [[underlined]] 84 [[degree and farenheit symbol]] but there seems to be more breeze at night. Left early with motor car and guide to visit [[underlined]] Johore [[/underlined]] and nearby [[underlined]] Malay States [[/underlined]] Reuterberg with me. First visited Governor's place then along perfect roads and many very pretty
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Bungalows, reached the [[underlined]] filled in ^ [[insert]] stone [[/insert]] Bridge [[/underlined]] serves the [[underlined]] Straights of Johore [[/underlined]] which look like a River. At the extremity of the [[underlined]] Stone -  Bridge [[/underlined]] there is one [[underlined]] small draw - bridge [[/underlined]] and one lock probably to [[underlined]] allow the Sultan [[/underlined]] of [[underlined]] Johore to cross in his steam Yacht. [[/underlined]] It conclude that there is probably a difference in the tides on both sides. The [[underlined]] contemplated naval base [[/underlined]] is one one of the [[strikethrough]] arins [[/strikethrough]] now separated arms of the River and there seems plenty of depth. Stopped at the [[underlined]] Mosque. [[/underlined]] Had to take [[underlined]] shoes off. [[/underlined]] Big white [[underlined]] marbled, [[/underlined]] pillared room with a small [[underlined]] pulpit. [[/underlined]] Large carpet. All [[underlined]] very bare, [[/underlined]] reminds of other [[underlined]] moslem mossques [[/underlined]] except 

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