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AC 0005
Diary 41.

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Phone Vanderbuilt 10497
Drimmer Stationery Co.
Printer - Engravers
Office Outfitters
43 East 46th Street
Near Madison Ave. New York
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Journal of Dr. L.H. Baekeland
"Snug Rock". Harmony Park
Yonkers. N.Y.

from May 13, [[underline]] 1925 [[/underline]] (Soerabaya, Java)
to Dec 20, [[underline]] 1925 [[/underline]]
Please note that some language in this collection may be culturally insensitive or offensive to some viewers. It is presented as it exists in the original document for the benefit of research. The material reflects the culture and context in which it was created and not the views of the Smithsonian Institution.