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[[underline]] twenty performers [[/underline]] all squatting in a semi-circle. Then come the dancers, 2 [[underline]] small girls about 10 or 12 [[/underline]] years old [[strikethrough]] very [[/strikethrough]] barefooted and [[underline]] very serious [[/underline]] looking and dressed in a costume where [[underline]] gold and silver [[/underline]] painted fabric and vivid colors predominated. They wore jewelled [[underline]] cones on ^[[the lobes]] their ears [[/underline]] about 1" diameter with which they keep their ear lobes distended. The [[underline]] other women in Bali also have these cones [[/underline]] sometimes they are made of [[underline]] Ivory sometimes of wood [[/underline]] etc in each case the perforation of their ear lobes is distended to about one inch. They had a head [[strikethrough]] cap [[/strikethrough]] crown of light pure [[strikethrough]] c [[/strikethrough]] soft gold, [[strikethrough]] de [[/strikethrough]] in which were set a bunch of beautiful white [[underline]] flowers [[/underline]] artistically
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arranged. Wore other [[underline]] soft gold [[/underline]] ornaments or [[underline]] bracelets, [[/underline]] and a crescent gold plate attached [[strikethrough]] below the [[/strikethrough]] on the neck below the skin. The [[underline]] gamelang men [[/underline]] started the music first softly then louder [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] while the 2 dancers were keeping quiet on their chairs, then gradually started wriggling their shoulders, arms and hands, then jumped up always following the music with motions of shoulders, arms and hands taking several postures. I am told these are old classical dances. This they kept on and on until [[underline]] after an hour it became a bore and [[/underline]] as we were the only spectators I could not well slip away without offence. But [[underline]] I pleaded fatigue [[/underline]] after the days journey