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At about 2 P.M we left for [[strikethrough]] Kittaning? [[/strikethrough]] [[underline]] Kintamani. [[/underline]] Batoer Volcano in view. Climbing winding excellent road, rapidly climbing then from a cluster of huts, [[underline]] Panolakan [[/underline]] [[strikethrough]] ? [[/strikethrough]] halted to behold [[underline]] a most impressive view [[/underline]] of Batoe Volcano, smoking from its broken cone top and which has spread its lava over the green landscape below only leaving here and there some green small hills uncovered. Below is the village and a temple near which the lava-stream stopped a fact which is intensely exploited by the priests, in furthering their business 
Arrive at Rest house at 5.P.M. x 
[[vertical annotation in left margin]] 
x Kintamani [[/vertical annotation]] 
Beautiful view
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The only other guests are a Mr. Hermann Norden who is [[underline]] writing a book about [[/underline]] his travels in the [[underline]] Salomon [[/underline]] Islands. A man about [[underline]] 55-60 [[/underline]] who says he knows Mr [[underline]] Hubbard [[/underline]] of Yonkers and who seems a retired cotton broker. He wears spectacles and talks [[underline]] English with a German accent and looks like a German. [[/underline]]
There is also a young [[underline]] Dutchman who speaks perfect English [[/underline]] and who is a salesman for a Tobacco firm. Spent the evening talking with Norden but was interrupted by [[underline]] Mrs. Heydecker, [[/underline]] much worried about her husband who had left her room and said would be back soon