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an hour had elapsed and he had not yet returned so she thought that perhaps he was with us. A [[underline]] search located him in the bathroom, entirely helpless and unable to move overcome with mountain-sickness, [[/underline]] to such a point that he [[underline]] had to be carried to his bed. [[/underline]] [[strikethrough]] This [[/strikethrough]] The rapid climb to [[underline]] 5400 [[/underline]] ft in an automobile had caused this. I never heard of a similar instance for only an elevation of 5400 ft. Perhaps the rapid climbing auto [[strikethrough]] caused [[/strikethrough]] with no stop caused it by not allowing time for adjustment. Next morning he was in [[underline]] excellent condition. [[/underline]] Temperature in my room
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at 11 P.M was [[underline]] 65°F. [[/underline]] and lower outside. Had to pile my [[underline]] clothes and rain [[/underline]] coat over me [[underline]] to keep warm. [[/underline]] I ate a new fruit which has the shape of a large chestnut and of which the light brown skin resembles a snake skin. It has a very slight sour taste, is of rather solid consistency and is pleasant to eat. Its Malay name is [[underline]] Salak [[/underline]]
[[underline]] May 17. [[/underline]] (Sunday). This morning 60°F in room at 6 AM cooler outside. Clear sunrise Weather bright & sunny
[[underline]] Batoe volcano [[/underline]] and Lake in the distance. New crater vomiting smoke. Old crater nearby and green. Near hotel road also old crater
Left [[underline]] Kintamani [[/underline]] at 10 AM  Beautiful weather. Need