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I do not think [[underline]] there is a [[strikethrough] pl [[/strikethrough]] city in the world where a Negro feels at much at home and has as much attention as in Paris. [[/underline]] [[strikethrough]] can [[/strikethrough]] 
July 9. Went again to Louvre. Musee de la Marine; exceptionally interesting.
Wired to Gabrielle to find out where [[underline]] 'Frederic' is? [[/underline]] Afternoon [[underline]] went to Jardin des Plantes [[/underline]] and [[underline]] museums. [[/underline]] All these [[underline]] Museums [[/underline]] in Paris are [[underline]] wonderful.[[/underline]] Many of them are [[underline]] badly kept [[/underline]] and [[underline]] all need paint, so does almost every government building. Museum [[/underline]] hours are very limited and only open certain days and managed by [[strikethrough]] tro [[/strikethrough]] [[underline]] torpid fonctionnaires. [[/underline]] [[strikethrough]] who they [[/strikethrough]]
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[[underline]] ill paid [[/underline]] and [[underline]] yet overpaid [[/underline]] for the amount of work or effort shown by them. Some of these [[underline]] fonctionnaires [[\underline]] small and insignificant as they are, [[underline]] have an arrogant attitude towards the public.  [[/underline]] A [[underline]] telegraph girl [[/underline]] gave me a [[strikethrough]] torn [[/strikethrough]] [[underline]] badly torn ten [[/underline]] franc piece, and when I asked her politely to give me [[underline]] a less torn one. [[/underline]] with a sneer she retorted: "Ah c'est vaut bien la peine de faire tant d'embarras."  Some of the [[underline]] taxi drivers [[/underline]] look more [[underline]] like Apaches.[[/underline]] and many do [[underline]] not know their streets or hotels. [[/underline]]
While going thru all these marvelous [[underline]] Museums [[/underline]] in [[underline]] Europe [[/underline]] one realizes that a large number of their treasures, [[underline]] are war-loot [[/underline]]
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