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or otherwise forcibly taken from other countries.
And the [[underline]] Europeans have the cheek of reproaching Americans [[/underline]] of filling [[underline]] our museums [[/underline]] with [[underline]] material honestly Acquired by paying for them handsome prices![[/underline]]
July 10. Telegram from Fritz: letter follows -
Museum of [[underline]] Anthropology, Paleontology, Ethnography extremely well furnished; but everything crowded. [[/underline]] Evening meet Prof [[underline]] Norris [[/underline]] of Boston who returned from [[underline]] Bucharest,[[/underline]] he tells me he saw [[underline]] Frederic [[/underline]] there. This explains belated answer.
Some [[underline]] Parisian plays and books are so grossly vulgar [[/underline]] as to wonder how it is possible that young and old
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women go to see them and that everybody seems to enjoy and laugh at some of the most [[underline]] disquieting ribaldries. [[/underline]]
July 11. Letter of [[underline]] Frederic [[/underline]] cannot meet me in Paris but will meet me in [[underline]] Antwerp. [[/underline]] So I take afternoon train to [[underline]] Antwerp.[[/underline]] Wired to [[underline]] Celine, [[/underline]] that I finally located [[underline]] Frederic [[/underline]] and after meeting him will be able to arrange for returning hence.
In the [[underline]] train [[/underline]] a gendarme came to inspect our [[underline]] identity cards [[/underline]] of passengers.  I [[underline]] showed [[/underline]] my [[underline]] passport. [[/underline]] Then [[underline]] another gendarme came [[/underline]] to inspect our [[underline]] pocket books [[/underline]] which we had to open so as to make sure that we did not carry over 5000 frcs (25$) out of [[underline]] France, [[/underline]] nor taking [[underline]] any gold or silver out. [[/underline]] - Absurd - I carried my main supply
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