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of [[underline]] money [[/underline]] in my [[underline]] inside pocket. [[/underline]] All this is [[underline]] opera comique enforcement [[/underline]] of laws.  Many laws in [[underline]] France [[/underline]] are so [[underline]] unenforceable [[/underline]] that everybody except idiots escape them.
[[strikethrough]] Arrive Antwerp [[/strikethrough]] Left Paris 2:30 P.M. arrive [[underline]] Antwerp [[/underline]] 7:15 P.M. A manifestation with [[underline]] yellow & black flags [[/underline]] remembering the [[underline]] Battle of the Golden Spurs". No [[/underline]] Belgian [[underline]] tricolor [[/underline]] in the [[underline]] procession. [[/underline]] Several banners urging [[underline]] full amnesty  for some [[underline]] Belgians [[/underline]] who [[strikethrough]] took [[/strikethrough]] ^[[helped]] the [[underline]] Germans, [[/underline]] during the war. A tawdry slovenly lot, none of the crispness one sees in [[underline]] England of the U.S. or Canada.[[/underline]]
[[underline]] Population and ways of living and behaving has changed little if [[/underline]]
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anything since [[underline]] 35 years. [[/underline]] Had to drive thru Brussels from one Station to another. [[underline]] Brussels looks dirty, [[/underline]] and [[underline]] unpainted, badly kept. Taxidrivers [[/underline]] and [[underline]] porters look [[/underline]] and [[underline]] behave worse than in Paris.[[/underline]]
[[underline]] Hotel Metropole [[/underline]] with cafe and restaurant below. Had [[underline]] best [[/underline]] room with bath but [[underline]] no W.C. [[/underline]] Awkward room, unclean looking blanket. Service awkward, all this arranged [[underline]] and built and handled by men who undoubdetly never saw a modern hotel. [[/underline]] Air feels damp and chilly and rooms smell mouldy.
[[underline]] Frederic [[/underline]] arrived from Glent 10 P.M. Has of course
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