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grown considerably older; with slightly stooped shoulders. Wears [[underline]] his beard wilder than ever [[/underline]] before. Went to talk over old times and latest news in a restaurant where we had [[underline]] stewed eels [[/underline]] and [[strikethrough]] ale [[/strikethrough]] [[underline]] Scotch Ale. Went  to bed at 1 A.M. very tired. [[/underline]] Little sleep on account of three or four [[underline]] mosquitoes [[/underline]] and [[strikethrough]] noisy [[/strikethrough]] [[underline]] noise in streets [[/underline]] of people, [[underline]] talking loud [[/underline]] and [[underline]] singing. [[/underline]] Awakened by daylight before 5 AM. [[underline]] Talked together all day. [[/underline]] He [[underline]] desires [[/underline]] to [[underline]] come to U.S. [[/underline]] next year at [[underline]] meeting [[/underline]] of the [[underline]] Chemists,[[/underline]] but shies at the cost. Told him he would be my guest and it would not cost him a cent.  He has been made
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a [[underline]] fellow of the Royal Society. [[/underline]] He says he understands perfectly English and speaks it. This is rather unexpected because [[underline]] Sir William Pope had told me that he did not speak a word of English [[/underline]] He left with train ^[[8 P.M]] for Ghent to attend the [[underline]] examinations.[[/underline]] This was a [[underline]] very pleasant meeting reminding of far gone former times. Yet I feel entirely a stranger here, do not belong here any longer.[[/underline]] It is cool and cloudy and [[underline]] I feel far away [[/underline]] from [[underline]] my home in America. [[/underline]]  Feel [[underline]] farther away than any time during my trip around the World. - I do not belong here. [[/underline]]
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