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[[underline]] July 13 [[/underline]] Back to [[underline]] Paris [[/underline]] per Amsterdam train, very crowded as all trains are.  Weather is sunny and pleasant but train is very slow and has frequent stops. Left 11:45 A arrived in [[underline]] Paris [[/underline]] towards seven. Everything closed in Paris on account of [[underline]] National Fête [[/underline]] to morrow
[[underline]] July 14 [[/underline]] Everything closed. Went out [[strikethrough]] walk [[/strikethrough]] to see review of [[underline]] Army [[/underline]] Champs Elysees. Wind has gone East and fine weather Temperature now 78°F. Saw President [[underline]] Doumergue [[/underline]] in his carriage (3rd time). The [[underline]] President here has a pleasant job [[/underline]] and [[underline]] limited responsibilities, [[/underline]] compared to [[underline]] our Presidents. 
Thick set rather undersized [[/underline]]
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man, bowing and smiling and saluting from his carriage. Heavy black [[strikethrough]] mous [[/strikethrough]] moustached [[underline]] Painlevé [[/underline]] does not bow nor smile nor salute and [[underline]] looks [[strikethrough]] preoccupied [[/strikethrough]] ^[[worried]], [[/underline]] sitting in same carriage with [[underline]] Doumergue. France [[/underline]]  seems to [[underline]] begin to realize - rather late that she cannot go on forever with an unbalanced budget [[/underline]] and maintain her credit. Yet I see no signs of want, [[underline]] everybody seems to be spending money freely [[/underline]] restaurants, hotels and theatres [[underline]] are all filled [[/underline]] altho' one sees the usual [[underline]] street singers [[/underline]] and [[underline]] beggars [[/underline]] of [[underline]] Paris. [[/underline]]
[[underline]] Bois de Boulogne [[/underline]] very [[underline]] restful, [[/underline]] even on a day like this. [[underline]] Redman [[/underline]] left

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