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where found [[underlined]] telegram [[/underlined]] from [[underlined]] George. [[/underlined] Prettiest part of trip was thru that long straight stretch across that [[underlined]] wild forest [[/underlined]]. Tall palmettos [[/underlined] and evergreens (See Logbook
Dec. 27. (Sunday) Left about 8AM Pleasant weather not too cold. At [[underlined]] Matanzas [[/underlined]] Inlet found water too low to pass according to directions of Inland Pilot Guide. [[underlined]] Three yachts were aground [[/underlined] trying to make the passage. Inlet has silted since last directions were printed. Tried another channel and got slightly aground. Three other yachts arrived and did not dare proceed further. While waiting for high tides went exploring channel and col-
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[[underlined]] lect oysters which are very [[/underlined]] abundant here. At [[strikethrough]] 5 [[/strikethrough]] 4:30 P.M. rising tide I ventured first out thru channel while the 6 other yachts were still waiting. Then in the [[underlined]] Matanzas [[/underlined]] River - Canal. Water low. [[underlined]] abundance of excellent oysters everywhere [[/underlined]] cropping out in bank. Then dense wild Palmetto and evergreen woods. [[underlined]] Wild picture with endless ponds and bights [[/underlined]] everywhere on both sides of canal. Then long straight deep cut thru sandy banks. Then again same dense palmetto woods. Bright moon so kept on [[strikethrough]] in [[/strikethrough]] after sunset till 9 P.M. in the canal. [[underlined]] Palmetto glistening in the moon [[/underlined]] light  At a [[underlined]] drawbridge [[/underlined]] [[strikethrough]] same [[/strikethrough]] some [[underlined]] camp tents and camp fires [[/underlined]]
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