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[[underline]] May 20 [[/underline]] Conference [[underline]] Weiss and Redman [[/underline]] inadvisable to [[underline]] renew [[/underline]] contract of the former. Afterwards [[underline]] Dr. Hale [[/underline]] of Dow Chemical came to see me, promised me to send us a dross of [[underline]] phenyl-ether, [[/underline]] also a few pounds of [[underline]] diphenyl - [[/underline]] phenol, 
[[Image: diagram of chemical relationship with annotation: - OH.]] which I suggested to [[underline]] Redman [[/underline]] to carry out experiments with both as solid solvents for [[underline]] bakelite [[/underline]] also for studying reactions with [[underline]] formaldehyde [[/underline]], or hexa or other methylen-compounds. [[underline]] Hale [[/underline]] says they expect to be able to manufacture [[underline]] phenol at 6c a pound by direct oxidation of benzol. [[/underline]] I told him we had been
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working for a long time thru different men on this [[underline]] direct oxidation [[/underline]] process.
[[underline]] May 21. Schleussner [[/underline]] came to the office this morning. This is [[underline]] his first visit since [[/underline]] a long time. Is still replacing [[underline]] Hamman at R&H. Hamman has left for Europe. George Baekeland [[/underline]] looks [[underline]] very tired. If he breaks down under his work or does not like [[strikethrough]] I certainly [[/strikethrough]] there will be no further reason for me for shouldering all this burden and bother of this company. I do it mostly for his sake until he has grown enough to take the leadership. The money does not interest me but if he likes his job it is an excellent opportunity for training him in action [[/underline]]
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