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[[underlined]] in existence long before American General Electric [[/underlined]] was formed.
Then visited [[double underlined]] Ireland's [[/double underlined]] molding plant. A busy beehive, rows of presses etc. installed in a large building which was a former Airplane hangar and which he rents from Government 
But British Government wants it back hence he will have to move and start a new plant [[underlined]] not far away from Damard [[/underlined]] or whatever factory we decide to build 
His [[underlined]] presses all gas-heated [[/underlined]] and hot release. Fast work. Some sockets and other pieces are being exported to US. I believe to Dubilier [[underlined]] [[strikethrough]] Nov 24 [[/strikethrough]] Damard owns [[/underlined]] 500£ stock in this [[underlined]] "Molded Products Company". [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Nov 24 [[/underlined]] Sent long telegram
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to [[underlined]] George describing what I found at Damard, [[/underlined]] favorable impression white molding material, number of patent etc. 
Then met [[underlined]] Kingsbury [[/underlined]] who shows me contract submitted by [[underlined]] P&J. I do not like it all all. [[/underlined]] It is like the tail trying to wag the dog. So we asked Robson (his original name must have been "Rabbisohn" as his looks betray) to come and see us (Bishop, Potter, Kingsbury) Made him plain statement of my point of view. Told him of purchase of Moldensite which astonished him, also German contract, also that Redmanol's earnings are about as large as Damard's and that we were only paying 10% com. to Bishop instead of P&J getting [[underlined]] 50% [[/underlined]] of the profits of Damard. Told them [[underlined]] Damard from our point of view is not a business, merely a sample [[/underlined]]
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