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[[underlined]] 32 [[/underlined]] 
[[underlined]] am not bothered with mosquitoes and help that wants vacations [[/underlined]] Went [[scanning?]] for different [[underlined]] steamer lines [[/underlined]] either West Indies ^[[South]] American or somewhere in Europe [[underlined]] where the tourists are not too thick.
Aug 16. [[/underlined]] Very cool 56°F at 8 A.M.
[[underlined]] Aug 17. [[/underlined]] May visit [[underlined]] Scandinavia where I have never been, [[/underlined]] and where tourists do not swarm too much at this period.
[[underlined]] Aug 18. [[/underlined]] Much rain Drove to New York. Also visited Max Toch
[[left margin]] X SS. Drohtning Holm 
[[/left margin]]
[[underlined]] Aug 19. [[/underlined]] Have decided on a Swedish ship. Cabin class. There will be few passengers and excellent accommodations offered on SS. [[strikethrough]] Drothnin [[/strikethrough]] Drottningholm an old oilburning ship. Spent afternoon packing 
Cool day.
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[[underlined]] Aug 20. [[/underlined]] George went aboard with me. For [[underlined]] $225 [[/underlined]] gave me the best cabin with bath and little parlor!.
[[left margin]] General Electric [[/left margin]]
First spent some time at office discussing new contract with [[underlined]] G.E. for Glyptal varnishes which is unacceptable. [[/underlined]] Bright cool day. [[underlined]] Ship looks clean and cheerful. [[/underlined]] Almost all passengers are [[underlined]] Scandinavians 
Well behaved group of men and women making very good impression. [[/underlined]] Very orderly and quiet. Very different from the crowd one sees on big liners for France, England [[strikethrough]] or [[/strikethrough]] Germany or Italy. Characteristic is that long before last gong all visitors had quietly left the ship. None of the crowding and excitement of large departing steamers

Transcription Notes:
verified name of ship is SS Drottningholm (Swedish American Line in service 1920 - 1948) I use the word 'underlined' with a 'd' because that it is my understanding from the instructions. It appears to be a waste of time to reopen and edit just to remove the 'd' from the word 'underlined'. If I review a page and the transcriber does not add a 'd' I don't reopen to change.

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