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sea. [[underlined]] Violence increases [[/underlined]] until about [[underlined]] 10 A M. [[/underlined]] [[double underlined]] shrieking [[/double underlined]] wind. [[underlined]] Ship hove to [[/underlined]] until [[underlined]] late evening. Violent sea. Captain reports wind exceeding 84 Miles per hour [[/underlined]] and of [[underlined]] Hurricane velocity. [[/underlined]] Boat behaves well. [[underlined]] Propellers just moving so as to keep steerage way [[/underlined]] but ship [[underlined]] blown slowly backwards Barometer 733 m.m [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] falling. Ship well handled [[/underlined]] We are now about 250 miles [[underlined]] South [[/underlined]] of [[underlined]] Iceland. [[/underlined]] At night wind [[strikethrough]] diminished [[/strikethrough]] moderates somewhat. The [[underlined]] wind blows the top of the high waves into fine spray [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] whistles and howls.
Aug 27. [[strikethrough]] Duri [[/strikethrough]] From noon yesterday until noon [[/underlined]] to day [[underlined]] we only made 57 miles [[/underlined]] on our course. 
[[left margin vertically]] Hurricane [[left margin]]

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Still blowing a gale but sea much moderated and we are again following our course with wind on the quarter.  Bright sun and mild (about 60˚F. [[underlined]] Cable from George telling to look for letters at American Consul Stockholm. [[/underlined]] Food on this ship is simple but excellent.  Excellent service, ditto crew and officers.  All [[underlined]] white [[/underlined]] men no nondescripts. [[underlined]] Passengers also all a quiet well behaved pleasant set of people.  [[/underlined]]  Quite a difference [[strikethrough]] as fr [[/strikethrough]] over other Atlantic lines by other nationalities.
[[underlined]] Aug 28 [[/underlined]] (Sunday) Good following breeze.  Crisp and sunny. [[underlined]] This night is the Captain's dinner. [[/underlined]] For the first time since our departure [[underlined]] every one [[/underlined]] is in [[strikethrough]] formal [[/strikethrough]][[underlined]] dining [[/underlined]]

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