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[[underlined]] elevator built by Otis, [[/underlined]] which handles passengers and vehicles who pass to the well laid out tunnel under the river. [[underlined]] Good engineering and designed with good artistic taste without overdoing [[/underlined]] it. Am told best train for [[underlined]] Amsterdam leaves afternoon [[/underlined]] so shall stay another night  
I notice that [[underlined]] prices [[/underlined]] of everything are [[underlined]] generally lower than in Sweden or Danemark altho' the Gold Mark is practically at par. [[/underlined]]
Went to see a [[underlined]] German Film [[/underlined]] ("Vorbestraft") which deals with [[underlined]] Prison reform, well acted and well presented but so lugubrious and discouraging that it gave me shivers in the spine [[/underlined]]
In order to spent the evening went haphazard to a representation at the Opera house. The name of the play was "Johny spielt auf"
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"Johnie plays up". Was told it was a [[underlined]] modern opera. - Music, subject, stage setting and everything was so unexpected and so unconventional [[/underlined]] that at first I [[underlined]] wondered what it all meant. [[/underlined]] - Some of the music was excellent, [[strikethrough]] some of [[/strikethrough]] intermingled now and then with the worst "Jazz". [[strikethrough]] Und [[/strikethrough]] I finally perceived that this Opera was written as a [[underlined]] clever protest against the American Jazz-Nigger who [[strikethrough]] wh [[/strikethrough]] with his uncouth banjo music [[/underlined]] had usurped ^[[usurped]] the place of the [[underlined]] real musician [[/underlined]] and composer, had finally [[strikethrough]] prote [[/strikethrough]] stolen [[strikethrough]] if [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] even the violin from him to protistute instrument and masterpieces for the lowering purpose of commercialized Jazz, [[/underlined]] until now the [[underlined]] Negro Jazz man dominated the whole world etc. [[/underlined]] All this [[strikethrough]] arra [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] set forth in a very [[/underlined]]

Transcription Notes:
"Vorbestraft" means "previously convicted"

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