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is a [[underlined]] miraculous church [[/underlined]] (miracles and [[underlined]] churches everywhere [[/underlined]] here and people [[underlined]] very superstitiously religious) [[/underlined]] Then to [[underlined]] Wienerwald.  
Charming landscapes, [[/underlined]] hilly [[underlined]] country, succession of fields, wine culture, [[/underlined]] and woods oak and pines. Reminds [[underlined]] sometimes [[/underlined]] of [[underlined]] Berkshires. [[/underlined]]
Roads [[strikethrough]] good [[/strikethrough]] pretty good but dusty as all roads in Europe The Turks came as far as this church. 
Later on passed thru [[underlined]] Mayerling [[/underlined]] where [[underlined]] Kronprinz Rudolf [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] Barones Vetzera [[/underlined]] saw their end. [[underlined]] What a succession of tragedies amongst those haughty powerful, and sophisticated Hapsburghs, - Empresses, Archdukes, murder,, suicides disappearances [[/underlined]] etc. and [[underlined]] Maria Theresa [[/underlined]] who had [[underlined]] 16 children [[/underlined]] and 26 confi-
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nements and led the same arbitrary [[underlined]] amorous life [[/underlined]] as the [[underlined]] Katherine of Russia [[/underlined]]  The Schloss [[underlined]] Mayerling [[/underlined]] has been changed to a [[underlined]] convent [[/underlined]] and the [[underlined]] room [[/underlined]] where the tragedy occurred has been [[underlined]] rebuilt [[/underlined]] into a [[underlined]] chapel [[/underlined]]
Then stopped at a [[underlined]] pretty town Baden [[/underlined]] (baths and Kurhaus) etc, several [[underlined]] pretty [[/underlined]] hotels and restaurants [[strikethrough]] for the [[/strikethrough]] Mineral [[underlined]] hot [[/underlined]] water with [[underlined]] H2S (Hydrogen sulphide) used [[/underlined]] for cures 
I notice everywhere [[underlined]] people cheerful, [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] fields and houses clean and well kept. [[/underlined]]  Returned thru [[underlined]] famous vineyards which produce best wine of Austria [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Sept 22. [[/underlined]] Long walk and went to [[underlined]] visit Technical Museum well built and well situated [[/underlined]] in a pleasant park  
[[underlined]] Dr. Czazehy, [[/underlined]] who speaks good
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