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[[in blue]] 2 [[/blue]]
Trees look good and place and house cleared  Everything movable taken away including [[underline]] giant shell [[/underline]] except [[underline]] Japanese Lantern. Catlow [[/underline]] joined me in his rusty Chevrolet and helped me buying supplies No [[strikethrough]] light [[/strikethrough]] [[underline]] electric light. [[/underline]] so bought candle and lantern & [[underline]] slept in folding bed upper room. [[/underline]] Trouble with electric motor pump and [[underline]] no water [[/underline]] in morning
[[underline]] Dec 28 [[/underline]] Electric light today and Ozanne and [[Mc Grudider?]] [[underline]] fixing pumping system. Catlow [[/underline]] very [[underline]] useful [[/underline]] driving me around but his fearfully rusty car will give out some moment or another. Advanced him money to buy another car. [[strikethrough]] Paid [[/strikethrough]] Put Curtis (colored) at cleaning whole inside.

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3 [[in blue ink]]
of house, windows, bath tubs etc.  Engaged [[underline]] Catlow [[/underline]] at [[underline]] $150 [[/underline]] a month for assisting me and as he is low in funds paid him one month in advance
Beautiful day wind SE. to bed at 9 P.M. rather tired after busy day. Feels good to have water and light Took [[underline]] first swim [[/underline]] in excellent swimming tank
[[underline]] Dec. 29 [/underline]] Went to visit Mrs. [[underline]] Ruth Bryan Owen [[/underline]] with Mr. [[underline]] Napier [[/underline]] of Real Estate concern. She lives in a very artistic house and artistically furnished. [[strikethrough]] Spanish [[/strikethrough]] in Coral Gables where her husband [[underline]] Major Owen [[/underline]] died recently. She was in [[strikethrough]] m [[/strikethrough]] full [[strikethrough]] morn [[/strikethrough]] mourning. Showed me a curly fair haired boy who is her grandson by her first husband from whom she got a divorce

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