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[[red underlined]] Catlow found good second hand Studebaker for $450 so lent him the money [[/red underline]] by check which he cashed and I to have a mortgage until paid  In return he will [[strikethrough]] let me [[/strikethrough]] give me service  Experimented with [[red underlined]] windmill [[/red underlined]] and find that most irrigation can be done directly from this excellent windmill instead of resorting to expensive electric pump current  Engaged [[red underlined]] William Robinson [[/red underlined]] colored at $2.50 per day.  Excellent reference from Commodore Monroe as laborer. Put him to cut [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] down the tall bamboos which are interfering with the

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Royal Palms.  Some stems measure over 48 feet.  Busy day.  Grape juice ferments well.
[[strikethrough underlined]] Dec. 31. [[/strikethrough underlined]]
Sent a night letter telegram New Years wishes to whole family.  To bed early
[[strikethrough underlined]] Jan. 1 1928 Up early [[/strikethrough underlined]]
Today [[red underlined]] bought 2 second hand mahogany desks [[/red underline]] and some other office materials
[[underlined]] Jan 1. 1928 [[/underlined]]
[[strikethrough]] E?? [[/strikethrough]] A quiet yet busy day.  Started [[red underlined]] one batch dried raisin wine, [[/red underlined]] added some of the fermenting grape juice  Fermentation had started by afternoon.  Day [[red underlined]] spent exploring property and experimenting with windmill [[/red underlined]] and writing letters.  Enjoyed sitting near shore and [[red underlined]] planning new breakwater. [[/red underlined]] Received a New Years telegram from
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