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[[red underline]] of action of Rossi, Sanford Brown and Mills which will mean a writing off [[/red underline]] at end of year of between [[red underline]] 200000 and 300000$ [[/red underline]] so therefore our supposed net earnings for 1st half of year [[red underline]] should not fool us and [[/red underline]] ought to be calculated after all these necessary deductions were made. The cost of [[red underline]] Pantone [[/red underline]] thus far was about [[red underline]] $180000 and going on every month at several thousand Dollars [[/red underline]] a month, and the subject was [[red underline]] still a gamble. [[/red underline]] - Yet on our [[red underline]] Books Pantone [[/red underline]] with a cost hitherto of [[red underline]] 180000$ [[/red underline]] stood as "assets". [[in red]] !! [[/in red]] instead of expenses. - Notwithstanding my urgent requests for reducing general or overhead
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expenses. I saw no evidence of reduction but [[red underline]] every evidence of increased expenses, and more particularly in the research dept. [[/red underline]] - Told him the [[red underline]] subsidy to Columbia University [[/red underline]] for retainer to Prof. Turner [[red underline]] must cease, [[/red underline]] altho I was willing to maintain a $1000 Bakelite fellowship. I said all this in as friendly a way as to avoid irritating him. [[red underline]] The poor fellow [[/red underline]] ^[[Redman]] is ill and [[red underline]] refuses to acknowledge it. [[/red underline]] Says his "doctor tries to frighten him" etc. At which I told him that this is a [[red underline]] dangerous attitude which might lead [[/red underline]] to the same consequences as for C.P. [[red underline]] Townsend, Schleussner and some others of our friends [[/red underline]] who realized this danger when it was already too late.
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