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[[underline]] July 14. [[/underline]] Sultry cloudy weather at office all day studying financial and expense reports of Horn
[[underline]] July 15 [[/underline]] Ditto. This evening in discussing with Celine a new book on the life of [[red underline]] Madame Blavatsky (The Mysterious Madame by C. Bechhouer [[/red underline]] Roberts) exposing this adventuress and [[red underline]] notorious swindler. [[/red underline]] [[strikethrough]] An angry [[/strikethrough]] Celine fell again in her passionate defense of Mad. Blavatsky etc. which [[red underline]] makes me very discouraged. [[/red underline]] I thought she was over all this. How easy it is to [[red underline]] swindle [[/red underline]] certain people specially women. when they once have made up their mind and will not see the truth.
[[underline]] July 16. [[/underline]] George and Rossi tell me a paper mfg [[red underline]] concern in [[/red underline]]
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[[left margin]] Celine left this evening with Cornelia for the camp. [[/left margin]]
[[red underline]] Connecticut want to enter the field of bakelite paper, [[/red underline]] which lately [[red underline]] has been invaded by two other concerns whose patents do not conflict with ours. [[/red underline]] - This makes [[red underline]] our whole bakelite - paper and paper machine equipment look ridiculous after spending so much money and many years of efforts and hope on it
[[underline]] July 17. [[/underline]] All day at office. Sultry
[[underline]] July 18. [[/underline]] Rainey and cloudy. [[strikethrough]] A [[/strikethrough]] Mrs Johnson here this morning to meet me [[strikethrough]] at [[/strikethrough]] Snug Rock to agree upon rearrangement for our electric light poles
Afternoon went to Larchmont Yacht club.
July 19 (Sunday) Bright weather Afternoon went to Larchmont Y.C. - Col. [[red underline]] Weller [[/red underline]] tells me he has [[red underline]] diabetes. [[/red underline]] and looks much thinner.

Transcription Notes:
I found a C.E. Bechhofer Roberts who wrote a book called The Mysterious Madame, which is about Madame Helen Blavatsky.

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