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Both Sanf. Brown and [[Interessan?]] put great [[stress? steak?]] on the difference of [[underline]] coating [[/underline]] and impregnating
Dodson and myself take the attitude that this is a hair-splitting attitude. 
[[underline]] Aug 20. [[/underline]] At Snug Rock all day studying & writing til late.
[[vertical annotation in left margin]] [[underline]] Aug 21. [[/underline]] Sunday Wrote long letter to de Bruyne remainder of day occupied with study of Lime patents 
[[/annotation in left margin]]
[[underline]] Aug 22. [[/underline]] Continued study of Lime patents situation
[[underline] Aug 23. [[underline]] Another [[red underline]] Harsberger meeting [[/red underline]] going on. George intensely for it Rossi moderately for it. Sanford [[red underline]] Brown against it [[/red underline]] and trying to delay further.
[[vertical annotation in left margin in red and underlined]] Bound Brook [[/left margin in red]]
[[underline]] Aug 24. [[/underline]] George B and myself went to [[red underline]] Bound Brook. [[/red underline]] Left office 9:15 AM, took subway to Liberty st there the Ferry then train of New Jersey central leaving 10 AM. arrived Bound Brook station 10:45. Train and country decidedly more pleasant than going to Perth Amboy or Bloomfield. Quiet little station. Took taxicab to the factory at 50ยข each, arrived there about noon. [[red underline]] Everything seems orderly [[/red underline]] Oak took us around.  Inspection thru at about 2:30 P.M when we went for luncheon in a quiet little hotel restaurant - "Bound Brook Inn and could discuss further. Left for New York at 4:00 P.M. arrived New York Central in time for the 5:33 P.M train.
[[red underline]] Place looks orderly, [[/red underline]] and men make good impression. Those who had to move from Chicago or Perth Amboy all are satisfied with their new surroundings. [[red underline]] All but one have succeeded in [[strikethrough]] se [[/strikethrough]] renting ^[[out]] their former homes. [[/red underline]]
[[strikethrough]] I notice [[/strikethrough]] Factory working well much [[red underline]] reduced force on a five day week plan. We have abundant
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[[vertical annotation in left margin in red]] Bound Brook new plant [[/left margin in red]]
raw and manufacturing materials in reserve for current order, and unless business picks up will have enough for about half a year. The [[red underline]] quick drying varnish resin department is still operating in Bloomfield. [[/red underline]] But Chicago and Perth Amboy are entirely emptied except about $25000 worth of equipment etc. now stored at Perth Amboy. The [red underline]] total of our men [[/red underline]] has been much reduced.  [[strikethrough]] about [[/strikethrough]] and is about as follows at present
[[vertical red line to the right of the following column of figures above the line]]
                   Bound Brook 250
                   Bloomfield   80
N.Y [[strikethrough]] Varnis 
     [[/strikethrough]] offices 60
                   Sales group  30
                   Canada       30
I notice however that in Bound Brook each department has its test and laboratory rooms and this employs about 50 men for this purpose, in addition to 30 men [[strikethrough]] employed outside office or manuf [[/strikethrough]] in Bloomfield.
(The latter do not count in office men or those engaged in manufacturing). But Rossi told me afterwards that the laboratory men of Bound Brook will be reduced as soon as they are thru testing and classifying the different products [[strikethrough]] which have [[/strikethrough]] raw and manufactured, which have been sent there from Chicago and Perth Amboy.
Went to [[red underline]] Bound Brook [[/red underline]] primarily to see about space for moving the [[red underline]] Advertising outfit of Alan [[/red underline]] Brown which now occupies expensive quarters on the [red underline]] 8th floor [[/red underline]] of 247 Park Ave, and which must be vacated soon so as

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Interessen is mentioned on page 59 of 63 "steak" may mean "stake" Prof. Camiel de Bruyne of University of Ghent