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to [[red underline]] reduce our N.Y. office expenses. - There is abundant office space available [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] in Bound Brook [[/red underline]] not only in the ground floor of the present office - (this ground floor is erroneously called a "basement" because the main office is raised above the level of the ground. There is furthermore abundant room space, [[underline]] totally unoccupied [[/underline]] in the various [[strikethrough]] fac [[/strikethrough]] factory buildings and very suitable. I am glad that I [[red underline]] absolutely refused [[/red underline]] to consider Rossi's suggestion for putting a [[strikethrough]] second [[/strikethrough]] supplementary story [[/red underline]] over the present office building and for which he wanted [[red underline]] $25000, [[/red underline]] additional. this Spring!
[[left margin in red]] Sanford Brown opposes [[/left margin]]
[[underline]] Aug 25 [[/underline]] Another [[red underline]] Harsberger [[/red underline]] meeting. H. arrived here with his patent attorney and his lawyer for signing final contract during the Operating Committee meeting. [[red underline]] Geo B, Rossi, Sanford Brown, and Weith present, [[/red underline]] the latter representing Redman (absent in Canada) Hays and Holmgren [[red underline]] have arrived at a contract [[/red underline]] suitable to everybody. I had asked to [[red underline]] Sanford Brown who raises every opposition [[/red underline]] against the Harsberger contract, to lose no time and investigate all the matters on which he still has doubt and to [[strikethrough]] dre r [[\strikethrough]] visit, tile men and roofing firms with Harsberger. But [[red underline]] he has stubbornly [[/red underline]]
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[[left margin in red]] [[red underline]] Harsberger [[/red underline]] and S. Brown [[/left margin]]
[[red underline]] kept on postponing [[/red underline]] all this to the point where I have lost my patience. On the contrary he came about 2 days ago and proposed to me to [[red underline]] devote 30(!) days for roaming about the country [[/red underline]] and investigate the Halowax situation together with tiles & roofing and what not! I [[red underline]] then told him he would do afterwards [[/red underline]] what he wanted but I expected him in 3 days to investigate the [[red underline]] Harsberger [[/red underline]] matter about which he had doubts. So to day when I asked him where he stood [[strikethrough]] he said he [[/strikethrough]] I found he [[red underline]] had not carried out my [[/red underline]] instructions and said it would take a long time for examining [[red underline]] the patents. [[/red underline]]. I lost my temper and took the chairmanship of the meeting. I asked whether the contract as drawn up now was satisfactory to all, under the supposition that the statements of [[red underline]] Hansberger [[/red underline]] were correct. [[red underline]] [[underline]] All [[/underline]] [[strikethrough]] agreed [[/strikethrough]] said yes. [[/red underline]] Directing myself particularly to Sanford Brown I asked to stipulate "yes" or "no".  He said "yes". - I then asked the second question, to the four members of the Operating Committee: "Are you in favor of signing the contract now?".  To which [[red underline]] Rossi, George [[/red underline]] Baekeland [[strikethrough]] arun [[/strikethrough]] and [[red underline]] Weith [[/red underline]] answered [[red underline]] "Yes" and Sanford Brown  answered "no". [[/red underline]]. - I closed the subject by voting "yes" with the majority and ordered to sign the contract and proceed further I left the meeting to resume my interrupted work in my office while the others went on
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