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October 27, continued.
This evening 6:30 P.M. annual meeting of Institute of [[red underline]] International education.ͯ [[/red underline]] 
[[note in left margin]]
 ͯ at Town Hall Club [[/note in left margin]]
John Basset Moore absent. Meeting presided by [[red underline]] Dr. Pritchett [[/red underline]] just back from Europe. Miss [[red underline]] Gildersleeve president Barnard [[/red underline]] College is there but [[red underline]] Miss Wooley [[/red underline]] Hollywood College, absent. [[red underline]] Morgentau [[/red underline]], in full evening dress because he has to make a speech at a political democrat meeting advises to place all the funds of the Institute in several savings banks in amounts below $10000 each on account of unsettled finances present conditions.
[[red underline]] Duggan [[/red underline]] read his annual report while we were eating and each subject was discussed. 
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Foreign diplomas [[/note in left margin]]
Lately the medical commission of the [[red underline]] State of New York [[/red underline]] has issued a rule [[red underline]] whereby medical diplomas of France, Germany and Italy will not be recognized for practice of medicine [[/red underline]] in the State of New York. This has caused violent protests from those countries. The fact is that [[red underline]] all these countries are over lenient in issuing diplomas to foreign students, [[/red underline]] and give them a diploma which does not permit to practice in the land where it is issued. Thus [[red underline]] making it easy to students of medicine who fail to pass their entrance exams in our medical schools, to get their diplomas easily in foreign countries. [[/red underline]] - This practice existed while I was a student in Ghent and Dr. [[red underline]] Farrand [[/red underline]], President of Cornell told us that this same condition of affairs [[red underline]] still per- [[/red underline]]
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Foreign medical diplomas [[/note in left margin]]
[[red underline]] sists today. Our medical schools have become so rigid and exacting [[/red underline]] as to applicants for medical studies and final diploma, that all those who do not succeed here flock to Europe. The great blunder was that the new rule was issued without consultation of our Institute and without [[strikethrough]] que [[/strikethrough]] publishing the reasons. Finished about 9 P.M. and took Dr. Duggan and Dr. Russel (of Teachers College) along in my car.
[[underline]] Oct 28 [[/underline]] All morning at office. Then Dick came to fetch me at 2 P.M. at University Club with Celine to drive home. After supper just as I was about to take the 10:05 P.M. train for Florida, ^[[our neighbor]] Wheeler came to visit. 
[[note in left margin in red]]
Went to Florida to vote for Hoover.
[[/note in left margin]]
[[red underline]] Am going to vote in Florida [[/red underline]] [[strikethrough]] my va [[/strikethrough]] and Celine will follow in a week. I shall return here in about 3 weeks. I [[red underline]] fear our vote for Hoover will be an unsuccessful effort [[/red underline]] to have him elected. - But [[red underline]] even if we are the only ones to cast our votes for him [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] I want to do it for the sake of our self respect. [[/red underline]] Few passengers in the train.
[[underline]] Oct 29. [[/underline]] Pleasant weather. Fields of Southern States still green and summery.
[[underline]] Oct 30 - Sunday. [[/underline]] Arrived Station East Coast Line at 7 A.M. Murray there with station wagon. Warm and pleasant and quiet. - What a sudden change and what a feeling of repose after New York. Garden looks well kept and green very few traces of late storm. Delicious swim in tank. House well kept. - What a reposeful
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