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[[right margin in red]] Nobel prize [[/right margin]]
[[strikeout]] and [[/strikeout]] less merit. All these medals he obtained. - In [[red underline]] 1928 at the request of the secretary of the Nobel Prize Committee I wrote a letter strongly recommending him as the best candidate [[/red underline]][[strikeout]] after [[/strikeout]] and  submitting a list of his publications. [[red underline]] Mrs. Bidwell found the whole correspondence [[/red underline]] on that subject in my files [[red underline]] also the letters [[/red underline]] I wrote to Dr. [[red underline]] Willis R. Whitney [[/red underline]] his chief at the Research Laboratories of the General Electric Co. - I am very glad that my wish has been fulfilled. Arrived home at midnight which is quite unusual for me since many years.
[[underline]] Nov. 30. [[/underline]] The [[red underline]] Federal Tax examiner [[/red underline]] Mr. [[red underline]] Carter [[/red underline]] came to discuss my Tax returns for 1931. at the office this afternoon. We soon discovered that my returns for dividends was erroneous and about [[red underline]] 3000$ too low. [[/red underline]] I soon found out that when I made up my return sheet in Florida I had erroneously added only the dividends of one of the dividend sheets Celine had handed me and the second sheet, which was detached from its cover had been overlooked. On the other hand I had erred against myself by omitting to deduct from my income several thousand Dollars of expenses. On calling up Celine by phone, she looked up her own copy of my dividends and explained the error.
Wrote a letter to [[red underline]] Dr. Compton, [[strikeout]] direct [[/strikeout]] President of Massachusetts Institute of Technology expressing my regrets that I could not accept his invitations to give a lecture to his students 
[[underline]] Dec 1.-1932. [[/underline]] Delivered [[red underline]] lecture [[/red underline]] to the students of the [[red underline Pre-engineering [[/red underline]] course at [[red underline]] Columbia [[/red underline]]. Professor Jackson and Hixon introducing
[[left margin in red]] Nobel Prize [[line in red with two arrows in it pointing towards top of page]] My recommendation for Nobel Prize [[/left margin]] 
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me generously to the new students I spoke offhand on the career and scope of an engineering course as being the best preparation for any future work in life, even outside the practice of engineering, citing bankers, writers, soldiers, business managers etc. Afterwards we had meeting of Committee for [[red underline]] Chandler Medal [[/red underline]] award. I added among names to be taken into consideration [[red underline]] Curm, Medgeley [[/red underline]] other names added were Browne of the Bureau of Chemistry, Metzger, Levene. I suggested that records of the merits of each should be submitted to us for further study before deciding. - Afterwards went back to office
[[underline]] Dec. 2 [[/underline]] [[red underline]] Gilmore [[/red underline]] editor and owner of Plastics came to my office for financial aid for the continuation of his publication. - Told him the reason why I could not furnish aid. Then meeting with Rossi and Dr. Von Hirschberg, concerning proposed contract for [[red underline]] bottle stoppers patents: [[/red underline]] Evening at University Club.
[[underline ]] Dec. 3. [[/underline]] Celine and I went this afternoon to [[red underline]] Grenade [[/red underline]] counsellor to Belgian embassy to his house in Scarsdale to test his wines. George joined us with Cornelia and Mrs. Woolworth. Pleasant visit - while Celine Roll and [[red underline]] Dickie played [[/red underline]] with the [[red underline]] two little daughters of Grenade [[/red underline]] and his boy. Mrs [[red underline]] Grenade makes a very good impression. [[/red underline]]
[[underline]] Dec 4 [[/underline]] (Sunday) Mrs. DeVecchi and her son visited us this afternoon.
[[underline]] Dec 5. [[/underline]] Got documents from Barlin in relation to [[red underline]] patent suit [[/red underline]] of [[red underline]] urea plastics [[/red underline]] sent one half to [[red underline]] Whitaker [[/red underline]] for translation and kept other half here for translation so as to expedite the work Received definite proposition from [[red underline]] Kingsbury [[/red underline]] for [[red underline]] increase of stock of English Bakelite, [[/red underline]] we to [[red underline]] take our ratio [[/red underline]] proposed to be deducted from our loan 
[[left margin]] Committee consists of Hexon, Thomas & myself. [[/left margin]]
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