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[[left margin in red]] A. Karpen's tricks with our money! [[/left margin in]]
That all these [[red underline]] incidents show clearly [[/red underline]] what had already been evident when [[red underline]] Schleussner [[/red underline]] and  [[red underline]] Hamman were on our board, [[/red underline]] that it is [[red underline]] undesirable to have men as vice-presidents whose allegiance [[/red underline]] and [[red underline]] main interests be primarily in companies outside of B.C [[/red underline]] and whose interests [[strikethrough]] may clash with [[/strikethrough]] and endeavours may clash with the interests of B.C. That outside of Mr. Karpen every one of our vice-presidents was engaged exclusively in the operations of Bakelite Corporation.
That I intended to propose reelection of Mr. Karpen [[strikethrough]] fo [[/strikethrough]]  as member of the executive committee but not as a vice president.
I added that [[red underline]] in view of Mr. Karpen [[/red underline]] health, I would much prefer to see him [[red underline]] replaced by Leo Karpen. [[/red underline]]
We held a short meeting of the Board of Directors, Leo Karpen present by invitation, [[red underline]] Redman [[/red underline]] present and seems cheerful and in [[red underline]] better health. Sanford Brown [[/red underline]] still has injections for the [[red underline]] infection of his nose [[/red underline]] and these injections [[strikethrough]] make him [[/strikethrough]] put him in a disadvantageous condition for the day they are made. But today he feels all right. Meeting started at 11 AM and thru at 11:50. 
[[left margin in red]] Stockholders' Meeting [[/left marginin red]]
Then [[red underline]] stockholders meeting at 12. [[/red underline]] Outside of us all, were present [[red underline]] Leo Karpen, Hamman, George Hasslacher [[/red underline]] and Mr. [[red underline]] Merten [[/red underline]] - (a lawyer, son in law of Roessler).
Everything went smoothly. I read my annual report in which I pointed out the [[red underline]] reasons why [[/red underline]]
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[[red underline]] we had temporarily discontinued dividends on the preferred [[/red underline]] and that we would not pay any dividends, [[red underline]] until we were out of the red [[/red underline]] and general business situation looked less threatening. In the mean time [[red underline]] our liquid assets are in excellent shape [[/red underline]] [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] but we must keep them intact so as to weather the storm etc. - See my report.
[[red underline]] Young Hasslacher [[/red underline]] who always want to look smart, suggested that we elect a director among stockholder who hold no office, so as to give advice as an outsider. Told him [[underlined red]] a man' judgement cannot rise above his information [[/underlined red]] and the trouble in most companies  were [[underlined red]] straw directors who were not acquainted with the daily happenings and problems of the business. [[/underlined red]] Let them all go out for luncheon while I ate an apple and some cheeses in my office.
Then at 2 P.M. Second directors' meeting and [[underlined red]] election of officers. [[/underlined red]] Same as last year except AK was not reelected vice-president. Before proceeding with the election I explained before [[underlined red]] Leo Karpen who was present by invitation [[/underlined red]] why it was not desirable to reelect AK. as v.p. - There was no objection nor further discussion and the whole meeting went on very smoothly and was over at 3 P.M.
I am very glad it is over and all went so smoothly and I took 2 hours rest to see a near by photoplay. It is bitterly cold and windy and walking from office to University Club I felt [[underlined red]] painfully cold. [[/underlined red]] Took supper at University Club.
This night at 1 A.M the ^[[automatic]] [[strikethrough]] furnace heater was stalled and temp [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined red]] oil-furnace heater stalled [[/underlined red]] and temperature in
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