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[[left margin in red]] George tired of his work [[/left margin]]
Jan. 11. [[red underline]] George [[/red underline]] wrote me his present [[red underline]] work is more of a drudge to him than pleasure. [[/red underline]]  Answered him his feeling was not worse than mine on the subject of my work. But that the consolation lies in the task that [[strikethrough]] these [[/strikethrough]] others have it worse than we, and that there is a good French proverb:
[[red underline]] "Quand on n'a pas ce que l'on aime, on aimer ce que l'on a." [[/red underline]]
[[underline]] Jan 12. [[/underline]] [[strikethrough]] Went to visit [[/strikethrough]] Had a visit of Mr. [[red underline]] Harrison. [[/red underline]] Then went to the [[red underline]] Fairchild's. [[/red underline]] Met there Mr. [[red underline]] Hoogepyl [[/red underline]] who was rented the house of Mrs. [[red underline]] Sarmanto. [[/red underline]] While I was there Mrs. [[red underline]] Gilbert Grosvenor arrived with her daughter [[/red underline]] from Washington.
[[underline]] Jan 13 [[/underline]]  [[red underline]] Hutchinson [[/red underline]] visited with his wife.  Wrote many letters
[[left margin in red]] Radio Atwater Kent [[/left margin]]
[[underline]] Jan 14 [[/underline]]  Wrote more letters Finally this morning received my [[red underline]] new Atwater Kent Radio. [[/red underline]] It works excellently
[[red underline]] Henry Howard [[/red underline]] and his wife arrived in Alice with Ramona their cook and tied in my harbor.
[[left margin in red and underlined]] Howard [[/left margin]]
Sent telegram to office to wire to Germany to maintain principal varnish resin patent in case Bakelite Gesellschaft has not already done so  
This evening enjoyed my new radio.  Was able to hear San Juan Porto Rico, [[strikethrough]] as well [[/strikethrough]]
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also Mexico and Cuba as well as New York. Station Camaguey kept on until 4:30 A.M. this morning
[[underline]] Jan 15 (Sunday) [[/underline]] Most of day spent writing or listening to phone.  Visit of [[red underline]] Hutchinson, [[/red underline]] and on afternoon Mr. & Mrs. [[red underline]] Ludington. [[/red underline]] He will not put the "Grampus" his fine yacht in commission this year. Last night 54°F but day was bright & warmer
[[left margin]] also Col ^[[Mershon]] [[/left margin]]
[[underline]] Jan. 6. [[/underline]] The [[red underline]] Howards [[/red underline]] are away for several days on a Government ship visiting the lighthouse. They left their yacht in my harbor. Last night 52°F - [[red underline]] This relieves my harbor where I can swim again. [[/red underline]] All day study & letter writing to George etc etc.
[[left margin in red]] Geo Roll & Catholic church [[/left margin]]
Celine writes about [[red underline]] George Roll bothering Ninette [[/red underline]] and her school taking her away to [[red underline]] Catholic Church [[/red underline]] visit, & meeting his sisters with R.C. Priests etc., [[red underline]] thus disturbing [[/red underline]] the whole scheme of putting Ninette in a school where she is treated like everyone else.  All other children go to protestant service. - [[red underline]] What an impudence and [[/red underline]] limited mind.
[[red underline]] Fairchild [[/red underline]] came to visit
[[underline]] Jan 17. [[/underline]] More letter writing, office etc. We tried putting [[red underline]] ION [[/red underline]] on the beach and careen her to observe damage to hull The experiment turns out successfully allows us to examine hull and calk the leaks and put copper paint on etc without much trouble
Huchinson & Fairchild here.
Letters to Hays, etc.
[[underline]] Jan 18. [[/underline]] As usual
Jan 19. Wired George concerning [[red underline]] Whitaker Plastics contract. [[/red underline]] Wrote Nielsen
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