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Continued from Book [[red underline]] 52 [[/red underline]] [[/entry in left margin]] 
June 16 (1933) continued [[red underline]] from booklet [[underline]] 52 [[/underline]] [[/red underline]] 
This evening went to Staatstheater a play called "Der heilige Crispin" (Saint Crispin) who [[strikethrough]] left [[/strikethrough]] an officer in the Roman legion became a shoemaker. [[strikethrough]] Exceedin [[/strikethrough]] Very well played by first class artists before a very well filled house and entirely appreciative audience. - The play was a mixture of wit, philosophy and history and human psychology written by [[strikethrough]] Ernst [[/strikethough]] Ernst, way above the average.
[[underline]] June 17. [[/underline]] Telegram from George asking whether company will take over loan of [[red underline]] Alan Brown from Irving Trust Co, [[/red underline]] cabled back yes provided same [[strikethrough]] security [[/strikethrough]] collateral & same rates of interest as the bank made him, because do not want to be criticised by stockholders.
Sachs tells me about his negotiations with Römler against which we advised. [[red underline]] Romler, [[/red underline]] as I surmised was in need of cash, just as I wrote to George from Florida. [[red underline]] Romler [[/red underline]] is a subsidiary of [[red underline]] Brown Bovery [[/red underline]] which has been losing much money in Europe as well as in America. - [[red underline]] Sachs [[/red underline]] says that while they were negotiating with [[red underline]] Römler [[/red underline]] the latter suddenly concluded that an arrangement with Dynamit Aktien Gesellschaft, which is a subsidiary of I.G. and which already promises the Poloplas patents. It looks now as if Römler has a licence for Polopas and that he gave license to Dynamit Gesellschaft for Ripper patents. Sachs also states that Romler will still discontinue