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the tongue has a slight burning taste and surface turns white by [[strikethrough]] electrolys [[/strikethrough]] hydrolysis. Seems to me to [[red underline]] contain more than 12% free cresol. [[/red underline]] It is made with [[strikethrough]] sulfl [[/strikethorough]] [[red underline]] Sodium sulphite [[/red underline]] as a catalyst. Have already cabled Rossi about their troubles and to wire suggestions to Weger. 
[[note in left margin in red]] Transparent dept. stopped [[/note in left margin]]
The whole [[red underline]] transparent department [[/red underline]] (cast moldings) has been [[red underline]] discontinued since last year. [[/red underline]] Weger says that the orders were seldom as much as 100 kilos and there was much competition and loss instead of profit.
The [[red underline]] other departments were running slack. [[/red underline]] Laboratory force has been reduced. Dr. Heyl took us around. [[red underline]] Everything looks so quiet and dead. [[/red underline]] This impression is enhanced by the double doored locked in offices so prevalent in Germany. Weger asks me whether we should not publish our method of measurements specially the flow test. Ask Rossi. - In the mean time [[Rassig?]] which has published the testing methods which our lab. Introduced and they are now called by his name.
[[note in left margin]] ? Nazis [[/note in left margin]]
[[strikethrough]] This afternoon [[/strikethrough]] When returning to hotel there was a [[red underline]] long procession of all R.R. employes bearing the Nazzi emblems [[/red underline]] and led by the brown shirted Nazzis. [[red underline]] Nazzi parades [[/red underline]] everywhere and on every occasion. [[red underline]] I wonder what all these brown shirted Nazzis are doing except propaganda and who furnishes them the money. [[/red underline]] 
Evening went to [[red underline]] von Vietinghoff [[/red underline]]
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[[note in left margin in red]] Vietinghoff [[/note in left margin]]
with Weger. He lives in a very comfortable [[strikethrough]] suite [[/strikethrough]] flat-suite with very old and artistic furniture. His wife (who was a [[red underline]] Miss Hegeler? [[/red underline]] daughter of the great Zinc manufacturer in Chicago.) [[red underline]] received [[/red underline]] us very [[red underline]] friendly [[/red underline]] and informally and [[red underline]] Vietinghoff [[/red underline]] took us to his [[red underline]] cellar [[/red underline]] where he made us taste a succession of best German wines also some brands of champagne. After I expressed my praise for his 1911 Nieersteiner he told me this was the very wine which had been sent as a present to [[red underline]] Hindenburgh [[/red underline]] after his election as President of the Republic. - He gave me a bottle of it to take along with me on the steamer. - A very pleasant evening and [[red underline]] Vietinghof [[/red underline]] has not aged since 1913.
[[underline]] June 22. [[/underline]] [[red underline]] Basso [[/red underline]] of Milan wires wants to meet me here on June 29. Wired Potter to cable to New York to take measures to protect [[red underline]] Revolite [[/red underline]] situation in England and cabled to George to take same measures for Germany. 
Operating committee cabled me to refuse request of [[red underline]] Dr. Taylor [[/red underline]] to extend his employment so sent cable to [[red underline]] Taylor [[/red underline]] declining his requests.
[[underline]] June 23. [[/underline]] Wrote letter to Potter giving him account of what is going on here. Cabled to New York for more information about formaldehyde patents relative Italy. This afternoon 4 P.M. [[red underline]] Dr. Ripper [[/red underline]] came to see me 
Told him what has happened in U.S. with amino situation since last year after my return also our [[red underline]] license [[/red underline]] with [[red underline]] Cyanamide [[/red underline]] 

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